Sammi's Gourmet Treats featured in Indulge Magazine

Well friends a little time has passed since my last post. I hope that you have all been keeping well and enjoying the seasonal fruits. Should i say "rain"? Yes here in Kingston I am very much overjoyed for the heavenly downpours that has showered upon us in recent weeks. The plants are smiling, water is going into the catchment areas and my whistling toads have been singing like crazy.

For me, it has been quite a rewarding time, hard work but fun. Sammi's Goumet Treats got a small feature in the Indulge Food Magazine (Volume 1, Issue 3) The Orange-Coconut jams look so nice sitting comfortably in the corner of page 68. I am really grateful to the editor of the magazine. I also feel that I am starting to have the kind of impact I would like the products to have amongst "Foodies". There is a lot more to do and more to achieve as I continue to please your palettes. From now until the Christmas season should prover very interesting and EXCITING! :D

Thank you all, hoping to catch up with you soon. Until then, stay safe and happy and if you have an urge for something sweet, remember Sammi's Jams are waiting  ;)

Much love,