Just A Little Reflection On The Journey So Far

Good Morning Family.
I just read a post by my friend Ellen Jhon caption
"Success Is An Iceberg"
Here is a true Story with a light
note to it.

Almost two years ago when I was struggling to to pay for my first two formulations ($90,000)
I asked a particular friend of mine living in the USA if she could send me $50.00 because I was working on something and needed some help.

I do not know if my wording was " making something" instead of working on something but she went to her daughter whom calls me Auntie and said " Mary I think Sam is making a baby" lol, the conversation continued and my niece said to her mom " I am sending Auntie $50.00 too".

Well you know I gave birth to twins named Guava and Orange-Coconut about two months later and less than eight months later I had two more babies named Sorrel and Tamarind . It's usually the tip of the iceberg that is seen. I am a proud parent and less than two years later all four babies are grown and are either sitting on someone's supermarket shelf or travelling the world.

I must say a Special "Thank You" to all of you who helped during labour and infancy and I hope you are proud too every time you see our babies. Your contribution might have been an encouraging word or something funny to make me laugh or your time or a few hard earned dollars. Whatever you did it is appreciated and I thank you from my heart.

This is really the smallest portion of the iceberg that has emerged. I appreciate the fact that you have stuck with me and you are still in my corner.

Blessed Thursday Family.
Whatever you do find that moment that brings a smile to your face and joy to your heart.
Much Love Family.