Just An Early December Report

There is lots to report, I don't know how to word it adequately but November closed with a bang!
There is the staff from National Baking Company whom out performed themselves. I don't know how to describe their boss except for " large", yes within large there are words like patriotic, exceptional, awesome , dedicated, genuine and big hearted.

To all the wonderful folks who turned out to support this event, thank you is not enough but until I equip my vocabulary with the perfect words it will have to suffice.
This shows just how important it is for brethren to live together in love.
Its a true demonstration of what we can achieve when we work in unity.

I was impressed with everyone from the staff to the entrepreneurs to the patrons but I am so sorry I was too busy to ask for a photogragh of the lady that impressed me the most. A lady I would think in her sixties with only one foot but moving about easily in her wheel chair. She came to my booth and asked for a particular sample then asked the price, got into her waist bag and paid for it. This is a picture that is embedded in my memory. I could not help but give her an extra bottle.

In this country, this beautiful little piece of earth we have such an opportunity to showcase the best of us to each other and then to the world. This event proves that we need people with the county's interest at heart and this country could be a model country.

I hope more corporate entities will get on board and do something, it does not have to be as big but it will have impact if enough persons get involved. Its time we start respecting ourselves, each other and building confidence in our people. That's how you build a nation on action not chatter.

Thanks to everyone involved in making this a memorable event that is going to have positive long term effect on peoples lives.
Whatever you do remember to love the guy or the gal in the mirror...that's when you will be able to love the next person.

Much Love.