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Health Benefits Of Tamarind

The tamarind is widely distributed within the tropical regions – from Africa, Northern Australia, South and Southeast Asia, China, Taiwan, Mexico and in certain areas of South America. From being a component in savory dishes to a dessert ingredient, its culinary uses are as vibrant as the colorful flags of the countries where it grows.   It is used to add flavor in Worcestershire and HP sauces, chutneys in India, a sweet and sour Javanese dish called ikan asem, Pad Thai of Thailand and the savory Filipino soup dish called sinigang. It is also used for flavorful desserts, like the tambran balls of Latin Amaerica, various snacks in Mexico and jams and syrups in Guadeloupe. It is even used as...

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Sammi's Gourmet Treats at the Tourism Awareness Expo

Last Friday we were at the Tourism Awareness Expo and I have to say it was fun. Shared a booth with some truly talented and amazing people. Also got an interview with Emily Crook-Shield and spoke to the Minister of Tourism for a bit. It was fun interacting with the customers and it's always great to hear the positive feedback as-well. Have to say a big THANK YOU to all those shared their views about the product. They were really touching. :) It was quite a looooong day but it was such a positive experience.

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